Fabric Book and iPad Covers

Having a padded cover for a journal or tablet can be both pretty and practical. It helps to keep them clean and safe if you are carrying them around but it can also give pleasure as a piece of textile art.

I have made a few of these using some of my dyed fabrics and adding fabric collage or embroidery.  They are not hard to sew and they have similar construction.  You need an outside piece which is about 1 1/2"  larger all around than the book or tablet, a similar inside piece for the lining, a piece of fusible fleece and if you are making a book cover, you need two pieces that will form the flaps.

Here are the pieces for an iPad cover.  A standard iPad is 9.75” x7”.  I make my covers a bit larger so that they can be used with other tablets as well.  The finished cover is 8”x 11” so I cut out the fabrics 9.5x 12.5”.  You need 2 pieces for the outside, 2 pieces for the lining, 2 pieces of fleece and another piece that will form the pocket when it is folded in half.

 I add embroidery to the front piece or pocket before I sew the pieces together.  You sew the outside ( with attached pocket and fleece) and the lining on 3 sides, then trim the seams.   Place the lining over the outside piece, right sides together. Add the elastic at the this point to the back of the outside piece.  Sew across the top but leave a 4 “ opening to turn the pieces right side out.  You can hand sew the opening closed or do top stitching across the top.


These are some of my finished covers.  I like to think of them as practical art because they are more than just useful.




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