Making Fabric Collage

I love the look and practice of fabric collage.  Similar to paper collage, it involves placing pieces of fabric in a set design or in a random manner.  It is less formal and precise than quilting but involves some of the same techniques.  I always have a lot of scraps left over from dyeing fabrics and collage is an effective way to use them.  I also like the idea of taking vintage fabrics and using pieces of them in a collage.  There are a multitude of vintage tea cloths available in thrift stores or in your grandmother's linen closet. Because they are small square tablecloths meant to to be used at tea time, they have little purpose today but they often have lovely embroidery that is just being wasted.  I cut out the embroidery and work it into a collage.  Somebody spent hours stitching these-it seems a shame to waste them. FYI : pieces of embroidery in wooden hoops make pretty pictures in a baby's room

This shopping bag/tote has a collaged hare on the front.  The scraps are all shibori pieces and a bit of tea cloth embroidery.  The outline of the hare has machine stitching and the rest is done by hand.  You can glue scraps with white glue or use a fusible fabric.  I generally just pin them in place then take a few tacking stitches.  I might glue them if I wasn't going to be stitching on top of the pieces.  If you like neat edges you can turn them under but I don't feel that is necessary in most cases.




I got the template for the hare from the book Textile Collage by Mandy Pattullo which is a wonderful resource for the topic and a beautiful book to pore over.  She is so gifted.

Another tote bag with a collaged bird on an indigo dyed background.

This is the front of a denim jacket that has a collage of shibori scraps and some sashiko stitching.

And part of a pillow

I enjoy the creative freedom that collage offers.


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