How to make a needle book

A decorative needle book is a thoughtful gift for both a serious sewer and for someone who just needs a place to keep sewing notions.  I adapted the pattern for these books from a tutorial by Rebecca Mae Designs.

The finished books are about 4"x 7" when closed.  I started with 4 pieces of 5"x8"fabric.  You can have all one colour or mix and match.  These pieces are a green linen/cotton and a white fine-whale corduroy.  Stitch 2 together down the long sides to form 2 pieces which make the inside and outside covers.

Attach a piece of fleece to one of these sections ( I used fusible).  This section will be the outside cover.

Decorate the outside with whatever designs you wish.  I like fabric collage which I make with dyed fabric scraps and embroidery, but you could do any type of applique or machine embroidery.

When you have finished the cover, you can work on the inside  The inside of the book has 2 pockets for storing things.  You need another piece of fabric about the same size as the inside section.  Contrasting fabric looks nice.  Fold the piece in half and run a line of stitching across the fold which will be the top of the pocket, then attach this piece to the inside cover by running a line of stitching down the middle of the folded piece to form the pockets. The inside of this book is black and the gold section is the folded piece that forms the pockets.

Now, you are ready to sew the front to the back.  I added ribbons to mine to tie the book closed but you could use a button and elastic or nothing.  I tacked the ribbon pieces to the section that has the fleece.  Sew the right sides of the pieces together and leave a large enough opening to turn inside out.  I added a decorative topstitch to the outside afterwards but you can leave it plain and just sew the opening by hand.  The last step is adding the felt, fleece or wool pages.   Cut one or more pieces.  Open the wool piece and centre it on the back seam.  Attach with a line of decorative stitching that will show on the back spine.


Some more completed books:




What you need:

4 pieces of 5"x8"fabric   ( front and back cover)

1 piece of fleece

1 piece of contrasting fabric for the pockets  approx  9"x 7"

1 or more pieces of wool, felt or fleece for the inside pages


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  • These are adorable!

    Linda Nelson

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