About Me

Dyeing and sewing textiles allows me to explore my love of colour and texture. This is a 3rd career for me as I spent most of my life teaching English. When I retired, I took up painting and refinishing old furniture-I became part of the furniture upcycling movement started in part by Annie Sloan's chalk paint. Painting led to dyeing as I have always loved blue and white Shibori fabrics, and now it has become my major obsession.

Shibori is the Japanese art of manipulating fabric to resist dye and create pattern. Traditional Shibori uses indigo dye but it can be achieved with a variety of dyes, even chalk paint. My fabrics are all natural such as cotton, linen and silk. I use indigo but also a fibre reactive dye called Procion MX.  Many of my pieces are Shibori style but I also create a lot of ice dyed fabrics.  I have continued my upcycling interest through dyeing vintage linens and felting wool.

Everything is hand sewn. The finished products are all one of a kind, luxurious and unusual. You are buying slow-design and art for every day use.

 The name of the company and the logo are connected to my furniture painting business which is called Upwithfurniture-a play on upcycling and the 60's movement "Up with People".  I used to stage my painted pieces with a set of teak elephants and they became a lucky charm so the elephant was incorporated into the Upwithfurniture logo.  Later when I started working with textiles, I kept the elephant and used the letters from my other business.


 You can contact me through this site or at upwithfurniture@gmail.com