Embroidered Silk Book Cover. SOLD

UWF Textiles

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Sold.  This stunning unique book cover makes a wonderful gift for her, for a wife, friend or mom.  It’s a perfect birthday gift for a reader.

It has been made with hand dyed silk and cotton scraps that have been sewn together in a random pattern.  The overall stitching pattern was done with free motion machine embroidery and there are also sections of hand embroidery such as the lovely flowering tree.  Inside the book cover is lightweight blue denim.  It is padded and has a button elastic closure.


It fits a standard soft cover book or bible. 6.5”x 8.5”


There are beautiful fabric pieces in this book cover that are indigo dyed silk.  Others are cotton that have been dyed with procion mx dye.  The overall piece has texture, vivid colour and a luxurious feel.


Spot cleaning is recommended.