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Sold. This beautiful indigo dyed book cover makes a perfect gift for her, for a reader, for mom or for a girlfriend. Want something that is a bit boho? Indigo, shibori and embroidery fit the bill.

The outside cover is linen dyed in a shibori pattern called bomaki.  Bomaki involves wrapping the fabric on a pole, tying it with string and scrunching it.  It is then dipped in an indigo vat. The string and scrunching creates the pattern.  Linen absorbs dye really well and the depth of blue in this piece is amazing.  I embroidered the balloons using fabric collage as well as machine and hand stitching. The inside is a quality red cotton print.  The cover is padded and has a button/elastic closure.


It fits a large soft cover book, a bible or a standard journal. 6.75”x9”


100% linen cover, 100%cotton interior, fleece padding


Spot clean or hand wash carefully.  Avoid wringing.  Line dry.

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